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Through their mutual love of House Music and their fascination with its roots, emerging producer Ashton Adams and world-renowned DJ / artist 4KORNERS have come to be collectively known as 401 WST, named after the provincial highway that connects their home towns of Cambridge and Toronto respectively. 


Citing the origins of House Music as their inspiration, 401 WST has a deep love for the unique, innovative, and most of all, pure nature of the music and the Black DJ / producers who started it all. Being shut out of the mainstream due to racism, classism & homophobia, the forefathers created their own spaces and sounds, birthing an entire movement in the process. It was about the people, the music and how it made you feel. This is the energy that 401 WST are conductors of. By fusing the essence of what was with the technology of what is, they are making real House Music for all who come to lose themselves in it. 401 WST is here to take it back!

OUR HOUSE II, their sophomore EP is in stores now! It is equal parts edgy and emotional, while maintaining the dance floor energy 401 WST have become known for. "This project builds on what we started with our debut EP last year, but this time we really dove into the essence of what made us fall in love with house music growing up," explains 4Korners, who's been DJ'ing for the NBA's Toronto Raptors since 2005. "The instrumentation and melodies really capture the feeling of what's now known as classic house, but the textures we used are super modern and bouncy." His prodigious production partner-in-crime Ashton Adams wants listeners to know how diverse sounding the EP really is, while sitting underneath the house music umbrella. "One of the things that makes this EP special to me is how the project covers many different styles of house music, including tech house, slap house, bass house and even hip house". Lastly, in keeping with their #HouseMusicIsBlack mantra and movement, every artist they collaborated with on the project is from the African Diaspora.

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